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What We Do

Hereafter is a zero waste design label, offering high quality garments made with zero waste pattern cutting and carefully selected bio- based mono fibre fabrics. We aim to give today’s discerning and environmentally aware woman a new option for investing in a brand that shares her belief in style, quality and eco-friendly credentials. 


Our Story

Hereafter started as a graduate project, developed by founder Lollo Waern, responding to the man-made environmental crisis our planet is currently suffering. The focus of this project was the issue of material waste and environmentally conscious practices. 


The collection was constructed by employing zero waste pattern cutting  and using a carefully considered selection of plant based mono fibre fabrics. The project focused on the consideration of a garment's life cycle, its creation and demise. 

It was important to Waern to promote this innovative and environmentally conscious approach to future fashion design and to share the knowledge of zero waste pattern cutting. She therefore made all the Zero waste patterns and lay plans available on this website in the hope that it will help other students and designers to develop their zero waste practices. This was informed by the belief that effective and sustainable environmental change can only happen if we are willing to share our ideas and achievements.

Greed will never make this planet any greener. 

‘The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.’

                                                                                      - Robert Swan, Author