Hereafter is a project responding to the man-made environmental crisis our planet is currently suffering. The focus of this project surrounds the issue of material waste and environmentally conscious practices. It is an attempt to prove that the impact the fashion industry has on our planet can be severely reduced, if we are willing to change our practices. 


The Hereafter collection is constructed by employing zero waste pattern cutting  and using a carefully considered selection of plant based mono fibre fabrics. This project focuses on the consideration of a garment's life cycle, its creation and demise. 


The developed zero waste pattern cutting prevents material waste during production. The garments come with detailed care instructions aimed to prolong the garment's life. The plant based mono fibre fabrics

are of high quality, which ensures endurance and also makes them easy to upcycle, recycle or 

biodegrade. These garments are designed to leave zero waste.


The aim of this project is to promote an innovative and environmentally conscious approach

to future fashion design and to share the knowledge of zero waste pattern cutting. 


The Zero waste patterns and lay plans have been made available on this website in

the hope that it will help other students and designers to develop their zero waste

practices. This is informed by the belief that effective and sustainable environmental

change can only happen if we are willing to share our ideas and achievements.

Greed will never make this planet any greener.