Voyager T-shirt

The Voyager T-shirt is a simple, but efficient T-shaped design with a turtleneck collar. The T-shirt is made out of 100% organic cotton single jersey and has an optional print design. The T-shirt is loose fitting, which means it can accommodate sizes 8-14, depending on fit preference. The pattern can be size adjusted, but it might require a change to a fabric with a different width. 

Voyager T-shirt

Size: 8-14

Material: 100% Organic Cotton Single Jersey

Fabric usage: 1.18 Sq. m 

Fibre Origin: Turkey

Certification(s): GOTS CERES-076


Care: Hand wash or gentle machine wash in max 30°C. Since the garment is made out of 100% cotton, there is a possibility of 5% shrinkage. Iron on level 2. 

* This pattern is an ‘Even numbers’ pattern. This means that the design is adjusted to a wider fabric (often the case with jersey) which requires 

two sets of garments being made to be zero waste. These kinds of pattern are only suitable for manufacturing in even quantities, not one off designs.