Zero Jacket

The Zero jacket has a cropped box fit, made for sizes 8-12. The jacket is made in organic moleskin cotton, with a beautiful lustrous finish. The zero waste pattern can easily be graded to fit smaller sizes or tailored to fit a specific size. The jacket's inner seams are covered with cotton bias binding instead of polyester lining. This makes the Zero Jacket ideal for spring and summer wear.

Zero Jacket Pattern Layplan

Size: 8-14

Material: 100% Organic Moleskin Cotton

Fabric usage: 1.82 sq. m.

Fibre Origin: Uganda

Certification(s): Cotonea Inside, Fair for Life, GOTS CERES-076, IVN Best


Care: Before giving your garment a full wash, first consider spot cleaning and airing. This will significantly prolong the life of the garment. If a full wash is unavoidable, hand wash if possible in max 30°C. Since the garment is made out of 100% cotton, there is a possibility of 5% shrinkage. Iron on level 2.